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Jack O’Patsy Pottery

Jack O’Patsy Pottery offers the most extensive ranges of hand made pottery and oven tableware in Ireland. Our ranges of hand painted wares depict historica.

Ireland’s widest range of traditional hand made Irish Pottery, including oven ready table ware, mugs, teapots, plates, oven and salad dishes…


Felix Faulkner

Felix Faulkner is an award winning jeweller whose work is both individual and elegant. All her jewellery is hand made and has been widely exhibited in Britain and Ireland.

Felix is based in her studio workshop in beautiful rural Knockanore ( “Hill of Gold”) County Waterford, Ireland, where she welcomes visitors. There you can see a wide selection of her work and crafts from other Irish artists and craftsmen or simply phone to discuss what she can do for you.

Felix Faulkner

Felix Faulkner


McGoldrick’s Art & Photography

Fine Art, Portrait Photography. Affordable Quality Art for every occasion. If you haven’t yet visited our gallery, please come along and see what we have. Maybe you need a portrait, or a piece of Fine Art, or a simple, but quality image.

Eileen McGoldrick left Belfast and went to Birmingham Art college where she gained a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting, She then moved to Oxford where she continued to paint and work as a community artist and Tutor.
Eileen now lives and works in Youghal, Co Cork. Eileen feels being an Artist has made every day an adventure, whereby she strives to explore the subject that she wants to represent, in whatever media she feels is appropriate. Eileen will work for months on an idea, or a feeling, by exploring it, following instinct, and relying on years of experience to create unique images that always excite, whether they are mixed media portraits, or an inner journey.

Will is a skilled Photographer, with over 25 year’s experience creating images that portray a wide range of subject matter in his own unique way. Born in Belfast, he moved to Oxford where he gained his degree, and studied Photography. Will returned to Ireland in 2003 and is based in Youghal, Co Cork.. Will’s work has been eagerly sought by Commercial business’s and by collectors alike.

McGoldrick’s Art Gallery is situated at Strand Street, Youghal – You can find us online here or view our business listing here
Phone: 087 411 6483


Crazy Glazing


Welcome to the wonderful World of Crazy Glazing, a long awaited dream come true and one that offers you a selection of Personalised Decorative ceramics, a gift idea that caters for every event from birth through to retirement!

Feel free to pop into us at the Doyle’s Cafe, South Main Street in Youghal and have your piece glazed for you.

**Opening Monday, 9th July**

I do Signature Plates and Presentation/ Commemorative plates along with some fun items.

The Signature Plate, is a new and novel alternative to a Guest book at an event with your precious memories captured on ceramic.

Visit Crazy Glazing here >>


Crazy Glazing Samples

Crazy Glazing Samples






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