Youghaloween Spooktacular, 2013

A festival with soul!

An Bhean Uisce

October 25th-27th (October bank holiday weekend) is set to see the return of An Bhean Uisce from her watery grave. The legend of An Bhean Uisce can be read here.


An Bhean Uisce will be on display Saturday at Barry’s Lane and on Sunday she will make her hauntingly beautiful departure to her watery grave, taking the hopes, dreams and wishes of the people with her.


Saturday has an event packed day with Barry’s Lane transformed into an eerie spectacle of graveyards, witches, zombies, dead duck fishing and torture machines. Not to be missed is the Zombie Wedding of the year. Bear witness to the death wedding rites of the dead lively couple at Barry’s Lane and join in the wedding reception afterwards.

Walk the labyrinth at Barry’s Lane and take some time for meditation and reflection. On Saturday night, an exclusive workshop with Cork Paranormal investigators on paranormal investigation is available. Booking is essential on 02491355.

Sunday sees the inaugural Spiritual Convention at the Red Store. With an impressive line up of speakers, this event is not to be missed. Full details of speakers can be found here.

A Mind, Body, Spirit Market will take place on Sunday at The Community Hall. Entrance is free.

The annual Spooktacular Parade leaves from Dolphin Square at 4pm on Sunday. Everybody is welcome to participate  – if it’s raining bring a black umbrella! Afterwards, enjoy the Red Store Halloween Party for children with traditional Halloween games, face painting, music and much, much more!


Friday 25th October


7:30pm Arrival of An Bhean Uisce Mall Beach

Watch as a gathering of witches perform an opening ceremony to welcome An Bhean Uisce from the watery underworld to the haunted setting at the Mall Beach. Followed by Lantern Parade around town – take part in fancy dress and bring a lantern or light!


Saturday 26th October

11am – 5pm Haunted Town Centre Barry’s Lane

A spooktacular haunted town centre with graveyard, witches corner, ghoulish knights corner, dead duck fishing, and much, much more. Leave a wish with An Bhean Uisce.


12pm – 5pm Team M Halloween Offering Team- M

Team M Hair Salon Special Halloween Offering – Free Face painting and spooky treats in salon 10am till 4 pm


12:30pm Ghost Tours Tourist Office

Join a unique Ghost Tour on foot around Youghal hosted by Dr. Kieran Groeger



2pm Zombie Wedding Barry’s Lane

The dead arise for their wedding. Join the zombie wedding of the year at Barry’s Lane followed by reception at Barry’s Lane. Entertainment by Leesa’s Dancers, High Spirits and Chatterbox


3:30pm Potato Peeling Contest Barrys’ Lane

Evoking times past, the Potato Peeling Contest makes a return to Youghal!


4pm “Meeting of the Abbeys in Youghal” South Abbey (Formerly South Abbey National School)

Join Catherine Matthes and friends for a tale told through story, poetry and song. Donations appreciated for the South Abbey fund…. refreshments being served.

8pm Paranormal Investigator Workshop Community Centre

Join Cork Paranormal Investigators for a unique workshop on all aspects of paranormal investigation. €15 entry fee. Places limited. Booking essential on 024 91355 or at Hydeproperty, North Main Street.
Cork Paranormal Investigators are a non profit organisation set up in 2006. We use a scientific approach which means that we will try and debunk a claim before we class it as paranormal. In this workshop, we will show how we conduct an investigation, how we do our research, our equipment, how we find a location and how to go through the evidence. And at the end we will be holding an investigation to show you how we work.

 10pm Halloween Ball Marine Bar

Join in the fun with a special Halloween Ball at the Marine Bar in aid of South Abbey School. €5 cover charge applies.


10pm Fancy Dress Halloween Party The Quays Bar And Niteclub

Fancy Dress, Drinks Promotion And Fabulous Prizes-Be Early! ~ Also on Sunday night. Music Saturday night by the fantastic “Love Bugs”, Sunday night by “The Hoots”


Sunday 27th October, 2013

10am – 4pm Spiritual Convention Red Store

The inaugural Spiritual Convention takes part at the Red Store with a fantastic line up of speakers including;

10:15am Sue Cotter (The Pendle Witches),

10:50am Paul O’Halloran (Pathway Teaching),

11:40 Dr. Kieran Groeger (Ghost Tour of Youghal),

12:45 Lunch Break

13:45 Luke Eastwood (Origins of Halloween)

14:35 Ber O’Mahony (Sacred Sites around the world)

15:20 Peter Matthews (Psychic Medium)

5 entry fee for whole day.


11am – 5pm Halloween Market Community Centre

A unique and alternative market with a variety of stalls featuring craft, food, and spiritual goods. Tarot card readers and fortune tellers


4pm Spooktacular Parade Dolphin Square

The main Halloween Parade just keeps getting bigger and better. Take part in fancy dress. All groups welcome! Leaves from Dolphin Square and returns to Dolphin Square. If it’s raining, bring a black umbrella!


4:45pm Red Store Children’s Halloween Party Red Store

Join in the fun at the Red Store Halloween party with traditional Halloween games. Prizes for best costume.


6pm Return of An Bhean Uisce to her watery grave Mall Beach

An event not to be missed. Hauntingly beautiful farewell to An Bhean Uisce as she returns to her watery underworld.




Spiritual Convention 27th October, 2013

10:15am Sue Cotter  ~ The Pendle Witches

Probably the most famous witch trial of the 17th Century, the legend of the Pendle witches, is one of the many stories of imprisonment and execution at Lancaster Castle. Twelve people were accused of witchcraft and one died while held in custody.  Of the eleven sent to trial, one was tried and found guilty at York and the other ten were tried at Lancaster. Only one was found not guilty. It was an unusual trial because it was documented in an official publication, The Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster, by the clerk of the court, Thomas Potts. Sue Cotter hails from the village of Sabden, nestled below Pendle Hill and one of her ancestors was one of the women tried as a witch…

10:50am Paul O’Halloran ~ Tales from a Connemara Shaman

Paul O'Halloran

Paul O’Halloran

Paul is a shaman and spiritual healer with many years experience. He works with spirit to heal on all levels. This work includes the removal and healing of unwanted energies, curses, possessions, past life and ancestral issues and the healing of any other unbalanced energies in people, houses and on land. Paul’s work includes teaching shamanism at introductory, practitioners and advanced levels. Please see the website for more information.


11:40 Dr. Kieran Groeger ~ Ghost Tour of Youghal

An encyclopedic knowledge of Youghal and one of the organisers of Youghal Celebrates History, Dr. Groeger brings to life Youghal’s past, including tales and stories of hauntings and gory history.


12:45 Lunch Break


13:45 Luke Eastwood ~ Origins of Halloween


Luke Eastwood

Luke Eastwood

Luke Eastwood is a horticulturist, author and druid, living in Co. Wexford. He is a member of OBOD and Druid Clan of Dana and he also facilitates a druid grove in Wexford. He is co-founder of website and has written several books. You can find articles and other information on his work at






14:35 Ber O’Mahony ~ Sacred Sites around the world

Ber will be presenting a slide show and talk on sacred sites and their role in today’s world.

About Ber: Ber has been facilitating  groups of spititual seekers to sacred sites for 20 years. She has worked with healers in Ireland, the UK, Egypt, Mayan Shamans in Mexice and the Shamans of the jungle in Peru. Spending time with these men and women has opened her and those travelling with her to some profound healing and experiences. Her connection to the Ancient teachings and meditation will give you a unique experience of the sacred sites. Find her on facebook:




15:20 Peter Matthews ~ Psychic Medium

Peter Matthew is a ‘Psychic Medium’.  A ‘Psychic Medium’ is a ‘sensitive’, meaning an individual who is sensitive to spirit energy & presence. For Peter this is not a job but a vocation & he is very proud & honoured to act as a conduit to the Spirit world. He is a member of the S.N.U. (Spiritualists National Union) & is continuously working to help people develop their own gifts. More information on Peter can be found at



The Legend of An Bhean Uisce

A long, time ago, when the land was dark and lawless, a time of chivalry and honour existed to a lucky few that were born and bred to serve others. Kings, Noblemen and Princes were around every valley and glen, some led their people justly and with order, some I am afraid to inform you, did not. This is the story of a band of gallant knights who knew nothing but grief and battle while fighting for honour in the crusades of the holy lands.

Since returning to their homeland they found that it was very easy to find employment, since they had a particular set of skills. Useful skills in these harsh ages. It was Lord Tybalt of Montfort who ruled this land and saw that these knights could be useful to him as he was at war with a tribe of savages that roamed his kingdom. They attacked his subjects, convoys and especially his soldiers at every opportunity, savagely mauling and slaying them leaving no one alive. Lord Tybalt’s ferry which ran from the town on the west of the river to a place called Ferrypoint on the east was very important to him as it was his lifeline, supply route and easiest way to deploy his troops to attack or defend his kingdom.

It was almost as important to him as his daughter, Lady Gloriana. Her beauty was known throughout the land and could not be matched. The Lord had so much trust in this band of knights that he assigned their leader, Borin, as the personal bodyguard to protect and serve his only daughter. It was not uncommon for Lady Gloriana to use the ferry with her knights to visit some of her family and subjects across the river, she enjoyed visiting them and asking them their dreams, hopes and wishes as if collecting them. Her bodyguards were always with her, although sometimes she managed to sneak away for short periods to the annoyance of her charges.

Ghoulish Knight

Ghoulish Knight

This one faithful day was like any other, the weather was calm, the river was still. Lady Gloriana set out to continue her visitations with her subjects across the river with her bodyguards and fearless knights Borin, Brom, Rowan, Ulric, Merek and Fendrel. Upon nearing the ferry point to the east of the town, they were attacked by a large group of savages. The knights fought off the first wave of attackers, however they were still in the ferryboat and did not see the enemy swimming behind them. After a good fight the savages managed to capsize the ferryboat spilling all its passengers into the river Blackwater.

The enemy retreated as not too lose too many men once the knights reached the shore and organised themselves to continue fighting and protecting the Lady Gloriana. As Borin and the knights were preoccupied with the fight at hand they did not notice the disappearance of Lady Gloriana. They searched the shoreline and scanned the coast for any sign of her. Unfortunately none was to be found and they believed her to be drowned. The knights returned with heads hung low to inform Lord Tybalt that they had failed him and his only daughter.

Lord Tybalt was so furious with Borin and his knights that it is said he was heard across the river “Since you could not keep her safe here in the living, you shall keep her company in death.” Shortly after he had the knights put to death by using the various torture equipment he had at his disposal and banished their souls to the underworld. It was said that thereafter on a still quiet night if you happen to be down the quayside next to the river Blackwater, you might see something very strange indeed, a large raven flying back and forth, up and down the quay. This is believed to be the Morrighan a very powerful witch known as the goddess of battle. She shapeshifts to a raven in order to travel between our world of the living and the underworld. She keeps an eye on An Bhean Uisce in the afterlife.

It is also widely known and believed that each year around Halloween she takes the form of An Bhean Uisce to return to the living world always accompanied by her fearsome knights, sworn to protect her living or dead. Her purpose is to collect the dreams, wishes, hopes and fears of those brave enough to give them to her, as she did when she was alive all those hundreds of years ago and bring them back to the underworld when she returns. For the past couple of centuries she would return to the living with the help of the local witches of Youghal who would aide her in her quest.

The witches would use their mystical powers to summon her up from the underworld, along with her knights protectors. So be very careful and have your wits about you at Halloween, beware, the town will be teeming with witches and knights. Most of all, make sure you salute An Bhean Uisce if you see her, unless you want to find her looking in your window late at night, looking through your dreams and seeing your worst fears. Who knows she might just make them come true.

Wander around haunted graveyards, sample the craft fairs and take part in the festivities. Halloween parades, pumpkins galore, witches corner and ghastly monsters to avoid!

Halloween parades, pumpkins galore, witches corner and ghastly monsters to avoid! Don’t forget to leave a wish with An Bhean Uisce to bring with her to the Underworld.

Further details shortly.

25th – 27th October, 2013



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