Youghaloween Spooktacular, 2014

A festival with soul!


The historic town of Youghal is a fitting setting for the annual Halloween festival. One of the most unique festivals in Ireland, Youghal becomes a magical place for the three day festival.

Youghaloween Spooktacular 2013 opening


Legend has it that every Halloween An Bhean Uisce comes up from the depths of the Underworld. For these few days she is able to travel between the world of the seen and unseen.While she is here, her purpose is to collect the dreams, hopes, wishes and desires of those living and take them
back to the Underworld!

See An Bhean Uisce arrive on Friday, leave a request with her all day Saturday and watch her depart to her watery home on Sunday!

An Bhean Uisce

An Bhean Uisce

The centre of Youghal is transformed at Barry’s lane into a haunted town centre with graveyards, witches corner, ghoulish knights and their torture machines. Take part in the Ghost Tours with their grim mix of history and legends and don’t miss the Spooktacular Parade!





Sunday 19th October “Feed Your Inner Witch”
If you have ever wondered about Witches and Witchcraft, now is your chance to learn. Come join the Witches of Youghaloween in “Believe” shop for a day of magick on the 19th of October. Learn the basics of the craft, try your hand at some candle magick, find out how to work with the energies of the moon. You will also learn about herbs, magickal tools, crystals, and finally you will experience what it is like to be part of
a ritual. Workshop is from 11am to 5pm. 15e for the day. All proceeds to the festival.
Booking is essential. Call to Believe to book your place (Broom)! or phone 0877512208.


Friday 24th October
7pm Opening Ceremony 1798 Memorial Park
Watch as a gathering of witches perform an opening cermony to welcome An Bhean Uisce from the watery underworld to the haunted setting at the Green Park. Followed by Lantern Parade around town to Barry’s Lane- bring a lantern or light!

Saturday 25th October
12pm – 8pm Haunted Town Centre Barry’s Lane
A spooktacular haunted town centre with graveyard, witches corner, ghoulish knights corner, dead duck fishing, labyrinth and much, much more. Leave a wish with An Bhean Uisce and come and try your hand at archery with Cork Archery Club. Bring a pumpkin and watch as it is brought to life. Entertainment every hour from 3pm with High Spirits Dance and Drama Group, Chatterbox Dance Group, Saudela Bellydancers and Wobbly Circus Fire Dancers.

12pm-8pm Haunted Museum Barry’s Lane
Welcome to the Haunted Museum – A collection of exhibits on Ghost Research, Spiritualism, Occult and the Supernatural. Located at the Haunted Town Centre in Barry’s Lane.

2pm-8pm “It’s a Spooktacular Party” Barry’ Lane
Join us in the Haunted Town Centre for Scream-Fest! Every hour, on the hour join us for live entertainment.

2pm- Canine Costume Competition. Has your dog the scariest costume for Halloween or is (s)he just a “Scaredy Cat”?! – Register at 2pm
3pm-High Spirits
5pm-Demonstration by the Cork City Archery Club
6pm-Suadela Bellydancers
7pm-Wobbly Circus Fire Show

2pm Haunted Ghost Tour – Market Square
Join Kieran Groeger for a most entertaining and gory ghost tour around Youghal.Departs on foot from outside Youghal tourist office. Bring an umbrella if it’s raining!

8pm Watch as night falls and the ghouls come out to play, beware the creepy Headless Horseman is sure to make his way towards the clockgate and through the medieval streets of Youghal. Be on the look out for the ghoulish knights who will accompany the haunted headless horseman.

Sunday 26th October
10am – 5pm Spiritual Convention Community Centre
The 2nd annual Spiritual Convention runs all day at the Community Centre. See below for full convention line up. Entry fee €5. Ravenstar from “Believe” and Alice from White Willow Santuary will be available for card readings during the day.

2pm Haunted Ghost Tour – Tyntes Castle
Join Kieran Groeger for a most entertaining and gory ghost tour around Youghal. Departs on foot from outside Tynte’s Castle. Bring an umbrella if it’s raining!

4:30 – 5:30pm Red Store Children’s Halloween Party – Red Store
Join in the fun at the Red Store Halloween party with traditional halloween games. Prizes for best costume.

6pm Closing Ceremony – Mall Beach
An event not to be missed. Hauntingly beautiful farewell to An Bhean Uisce as she returns to her watery underworld under the supervision and protection of the witches and knights of Youghal. Come along and witness the lighting of the funeral pyre that will signal her transfer back to her watery, dark resting place.

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09:30 Doors Open & Registration

10:00 Opening Address

10:20 Kay Donnelly “Where it All Began”
Kay was born and raised in Youghal, as were her parents and grandparents before her. She’s always had an enquiring mind and a great interest in local history. It was while reading through local history that Kay first came across the story of Florence Newton from 1661. Kay was fascinated to discover that not only did witchcraft exist outside of fairy tales, but there was a real connection with Youghal! This connection stimulated an interest in learning more and Kay began eagerly reading about witchcraft through the ages and across many lands. Kay has a particular interest in witchcraft in Ireland, which has not been extensively explored and documented to date. With her appetite for knowledge and her position of ‘an outsider looking in’, plus her experience as a Toastmaster, Kay will enthral you
with tales of witches and customs down through the ages.

11:10 Barbara Hess “Introducing Shamanism” (Exp.)
Barbara is a Shamanic Practitioner with many years of experience. She has trained extensively and works in both Irish and Q’uero Indian Shamanic traditions. In addition to her work with individuals and groups, Barbara performs earth and space clearing for houses or land that may be carrying the imprint of previous trauma. Her goal in such work is to heal and bring into balance the energies in people, houses and land. She also facilitates Gathering of the Grandmothers.

12:00 Ber O’Mahony “Exploring Irish Sacred Sites & Tombs”
Ber has been facilitating groups of spiritual seekers to sacred sites in Ireland and around the world for over 20 years.
She has worked with Healers in Ireland, the UK and Egypt, with Mayan Shamans in Mexico and with the Shamans of the jungle in Peru. Ber received great praise for her presentation and wealth of information at our inaugural Convention last year. We are delighted to welcome her back this year to present a talk and slide show on Irish Tombs.

13:00 LUNCH

14:00 Kieran Groeger Field Trip “A Ghost Tour of Youghal Town” (Leaves from outside Tynte’s Castle)
Dr Groeger is a well- known local historian and one of the organisers of Youghal Celebrates History. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Youghal and delights in sharing it during this ever popular Ghost Tour of our town. This is a great opportunity to experience him bringing to life Youghal’s past, taking in many significant landmarks and expertly weaving in many tales of hauntings and gory goings –on!

14.00 White Willow Sanctuary “Discovering Angel Guides and Developing Your Intuition” (Exp.)
Alice from White Willow Sanctuary is a Spiritual Medium and Holistic Therapist. She has created and delivers work shops and courses on many subjects including psychic development, spiritual development and meditation. Alice will show you how to connect with your angel guides and develop your intuition.

14:50 Exploring & Maybe Connecting With Oracle Decks and a Wide Variety of Cards (Exp.)

15:20 Peter Matthews “Gift or Curse”
Peter is a Psychic Medium. Peter’s abilities started at a very young age and through his teenage years Peter became aware there was more to him than he thought. He decided to follow the pathway that he believes now to be nothing more than a conduit for the Spirit world. He is a member of the S.N.U. (Spiritualists National Union) and is continuously working to help people develop their own gifts. Peter also endeavours to reunite loved ones.

16:20 Closing Address

NOTE: We are delighted to announce that Siobhan from Goodness Me, our local Health Shop will be in the Community Centre from 09:00 to 10:00 and again from 13:00 to 14:00 offering advice and maybe a few free samples. A great opportunity to find out what she has to offer!

(Exp.) means that this section includes an experiential component such as a meditation or an opportunity for attendees to explore the topic further rather than the focus being on talk or lecture format.



Ghoulish Knights guard An Bhean Uisce

Ghoulish Knights guard An Bhean Uisce


Opening at the Mall Beach

Opening at the Mall Beach



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